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21 for 2021: Celebrating Bradford’s cultural influencers

Out of Place Studio and the Bradford Review are proud to present 21 for 2021, an exciting digital project to celebrate the people who will make a big impact on Bradford’s cultural scene over the next 12 months. 

We recognise this is a huge year for Bradford, as the city prepares to launch its City of Culture 2025 bid and a creative sector brimming with promise looks to bounce back from a torrid-yet fantastically resourceful 2020. 

As a studio we work closely with a number of cultural organisations in the district and we’ve been able to see first hand how hard the creative community is working and how vital they are to our city’s identity. 

So the idea behind the project was to create something that would celebrate that whilst also providing an opportunity for us to have a bit of fun and show off our own capabilities as a digital design studio. 

We enlisted the help of some of our favourite cultural influencers to each nominate three candidates to be inducted into the final 21, resulting in a fantastically diverse and multi-talented collection of creatives. The final list includes wordsmiths, dancers, musicians, designers, coordinators and changemakers, all of whom will no doubt make a huge splash in their own way in 2021. 

We approached the project as a design challenge, seeing what we could create in a limited time frame and with very few constraints. Our brief was to create something wacky, something animated and something that no client would ever commission! The result is a bold, over-the-top single page website that we hope will put a smile on people’s faces and get people talking.

We want to hear your appreciation for the 21, but we also want to open a wider debate. We want to see people angry that someone they love isn’t on the list. There are loads of incredibly talented people who aren’t. And that’s kind of the point. We could have done more than 21, but that wouldn’t have been as catchy. And where do you stop? 

Hopefully Bradford will soon have a new platform to celebrate our cultural talent and promote events across the district.  We hope we will have a part to play in making that happen. Until then please share across all your networks and get people celebrating and talking about the 21!

NB. 21 for 2021 is a self initiated project by Out of Place Studio, we did not seek or receive any funding for the project and no other organisation has been involved in the commissioning or delivery. 

View the website here

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