Web Design

We create forward-thinking, results driven websites that are built on a solid foundation of user experience and accessibility. Our web design team will work with you to deliver a site design that amplifies your brand to the right audiences and has great functionality across all devices.

UX, UI & Prototyping

Understanding user needs and behaviour informs our web design process and helps us improve the overall experience of using the website for the client and your target audience.

We work with our clients to develop and deliver a structured process of UX, UI and prototyping exercises designed to streamline your website’s page hierarchy, identify KPIs and ensure the site is optimised to maximise conversion targets.

These exercises include existing site evaluations, functionality reviews, user journey profiles, empathy maps and site mapping.


Good accessibility features not only allow those with impairments to use a website, but also make a website function better for everyone –and also contribute towards better SEO.

We aim to deliver all of our web design projects so that they conform to the WCAG Web Accessibility Guidelines to a AA standard as a minimum. Designing with accessibility in mind from the ground up and never as an afterthought.

Our experienced web design team will work with you to deliver an effective and attractive site design that is accessible to all without compromising on flair or creativity. Whether working with new or existing brands, we can identify any potential issues and rectify before they become a problem. This may involve reviewing brand assets to ensure colours meet contrast requirements, typography is accessible and clean and any visual devises do not impair usability.

Responsive Design

Our talented web design team use a blend of creativity, innovation and experience to translate brands into beautiful and engaging websites.

Whether it’s refreshing an existing website or starting afresh, we are able to use our extensive experience in digital design and brand development to maximise your digital impact.

We are able to work with existing brand identities or help your organisation reach its potential with a new one, with a design-led approach that is responsive to our clients needs.

All our websites are designed mobile-first, ensuring your site is responsive across all devices no matter how complex the design or functionality.

SEO and web Support

Web Design Projects

Bradford Digital is a networking event based on digital innovation and technology. Working in partnership with PJM Digital and other businesses based in Assembly Bradford.
The Well’s founders approached Out of Place with the request of creating a unique and impactful brand and website that reflected the diversity and vibrancy of their members and community.
Quarantine approached Out of Place with a brief to create a new website experience to go with their newly created brand. The new website experience needed to adhere to the brand’s goals of encouraging wonder and discussion amongst its artists, team, and engaged audience.
A new brand and website for a Dublin-based social innovation enterprise.
Borrow* is a pilot circular borrowing scheme funded by the Bring It back Fund that provides accessible reusable solutions that are fuss free and save both businesses and consumers money in the process.

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