Getting to know a client and their vision is at the heart of our branding process. We create meaningful identities that attract and inspire both our clients and theirs. We recognise a brand is more than just a logo and a colour scheme.

Our approach

We take a full-service, holistic approach to branding, considering all of the relevant elements of implementation, from logos, typography and colour – through to print and digital execution. All built on a foundation of accessibility.

A new brand is not just change: it’s an opportunity for growth, and with growth comes new products, platforms, approaches, and outputs. This future forward thinking runs throughout our work so that your new brand works now, and in the years to come.

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Research and development

We take the guesswork out of branding by presenting sound arguments and logic behind all our ideas and concepts. From surveys and focus groups to stakeholder sessions and independent desk research, we use a wide array of tools to create a full picture, helping you feel confident and reassured in your decisions.

Research is carried out on a project by project basis so that your user’s needs are put first, and everything comes together to achieve your organisation’s specific strategic aims and targets.

Built for the future

As experts, our role is to stay up to date with technological advancements and design standards to ensure that your branding stays relevant long into the future. This includes ever-changing web practices, social media platforms, marketing, products and more.

This approach feeds directly into our work, so we can build a brand that adapts and succeeds in a world that is constantly evolving.

Branding Projects

The National Education Nature Park is a project designed to drive and increase engagement with nature for all children and young people. From creating pollinator-friendly habitats where diversity can thrive, to digging ponds, the nature park will showcase an environment that supports climate resilience and teaches life-long skills.
Bradford Digital is a networking event based on digital innovation and technology. Working in partnership with PJM Digital and other businesses based in Assembly Bradford.
The Well’s founders approached Out of Place with the request of creating a unique and impactful brand and website that reflected the diversity and vibrancy of their members and community.
A new brand and website for a Dublin-based social innovation enterprise.

Get in touch

In need of some creative support?  We’d love to know more about how we can help. We’ll happily offer a free consultation to discuss your project and demonstrate our approach.