NENP Natural History Museum Brand Identity

National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards

A fun and flexible brand designed to drive and increase engagement with nature for all children and young people


The Natural History Museum is the UK’s leading museum of natural history, boasting some of the greatest scientific specimens both nationally and internationally. The museum is also a centre of research for taxonomy, identification and conservation. They were commissioned by the Department for Education to lead a partnership to create the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards, a programme designed to drive and increase engagement with nature for all children and young people. From creating pollinator-friendly habitats where diversity can thrive, to digging ponds, the nature park will showcase an environment that supports climate resilience and teaches life-long skills.


The programme is aimed at teachers and educators of young people of all ages, from early years through to college and further education, and needed a wide appeal that would not appeal to some groups at the cost of others.

Accessibility was at the forefront of all work, using colour, type, illustration and language that is inclusive, friendly, positive, and engaging.

With many organisations within the partnership, such as the Royal Horticultural Society, The Royal Society and others, the brand needed to appeal to audiences, while being able to sit alongside partner logos and identities in a wide range of documents.



A brand system was developed that made use of a textured paper cut style with varying degrees of detail corresponding to different age groups. All of these elements were created in a way that the system could be expanded when needed, with illustrations being easily produced in common creative software.

A thorough series of guidelines was created to govern the use of colours and text to ensure consistency across designs whether created by internal teams, external agencies, or teachers and school staff. As part of this process, key assets such as logo lockups were produced, with a range of end-uses guiding the formats produced.

Although development did not form part of the project undertaken by Out of Place Studio, the brand took a holistic approach looking at print and digital equally, with a robust system in place for accessible web development to take place, ensuring the project is as inclusive as possible.

It was important that the brand could be accessible to as many institutions as possible, and open-source tools, such as fonts, were used to provide maximum flexibility and ease of use. This navigated the issue of inconsistent output once the initial work was completed.

Throughout the process Out of Place Studio worked closely with representatives from the Natural History Museum and other partners to ensure that there was a unified vision from start to finish.

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