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Out of Place to host website masterclass for local arts and culture organisations

Out of Place will present a website masterclass workshop for Bradford-based arts and culture organisations on 6th June. The three hour workshop, taking place at Kala Sangam, is part of Bradford Producing Hub’s Promote programme, which aims to provide support for artists and organisations that have identified marketing and promotion of their work as a challenge and something they need support with.

The in-person session will give participating artists an insight into the first important steps of building a professional website and how to maintain and update important elements once a website is live. 

During the session the Out of Place team will use a range of bespoke activities to teach participants about researching users, understanding the aims of a website, creating the structure of a website, designing a website, SEO, increasing conversions, and how online marketing ties into how a website performs – and give them the tools needed to start doing it themselves.

Studio director Haigh Simpson said, “As a studio we are proud to have worked with a number of cultural organisations and artists in Bradford and really value our connection to the city’s creative community. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to pass on our knowledge and demonstrate the value a well-considered website can provide for grassroots organisations. We’re looking forward to the workshop and hope this is the first of many.”

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