Project Evaluation Form

Project Objectives and Expectations:

Were the project objectives and expectations clearly defined and understood at the beginning of the project?

Communication and Collaboration:

How would you rate the communication and collaboration throughout the project?
Were project updates and milestones communicated effectively?
Were your input and feedback adequately considered during the project?

Branding Elements/Application: (Brand Projects Only)

Please enter a number from 0 to 10.
Were the aims of the brief incorporated effectively into the brand concepts and final brand execution?
Do you feel that the branding elements (e.g., logo, colour scheme, typography, etc.) effectively represent your organisation?
How satisfied are you with the quality of the brand deliverables (assets)? (Dissatisfied/Somewhat Satisfied/Satisfied/Very Satisfied)
Have you noticed any positive changes or impacts on your brand's perception or performance since implementing the new branding?

Branding Elements/Application: (For web projects with existing brand)

Do you feel your brand was effectively utilised and applied to the design of the website?

5. Design and User Experience: (Web Projects)

How would you rate the overall design and user experience of the website?
Were the design elements and layout visually appealing and user-friendly?

Functionality and Features: (Web Projects)

Did the website meet your requirements in terms of functionality and desired features?
Were there any specific features or functionalities that you expected but were not included?

Content and Information: (Web Projects)

Were you satisfied with the content and information presented on the website?
Did the website effectively communicate your brand message and goals?


Were project timelines met as agreed upon in the project plan?

Budget Adherence

Was the project completed within the allocated budget?

Overall Satisfaction

Please enter a number from 0 to 10.

Future Collaboration

Would you consider collaborating with us on future branding or marketing projects?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.