The Fellowship of Questions: A website to connect people and ideas from across Europe

What would it be like if we could connect people from all over Europe and beyond through questions and uncertainties? What if we didn’t try to answer those questions but only respond with more questions? Would that create a tool for change? Or maybe a recipe for an awesome mess?

The concept behind the Fellowship of Questions came about when a bunch of people from across Europe (Italy, Serbia, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, England and Portugal)  got together for the Spaces for Solidarity gathering in 2020.  Both the European Cultural Foundation and the Allianz Kulturstiftung put money into developing the Fellowship of Questions idea and Out of Place were commissioned in July 2021 to begin delivery of a two-phase website delivery.

The brief was like no other we have worked on before and we began the project with plenty of questions ourselves. But ultimately we all saw the project as a really cool opportunity to develop something unique and potentially groundbreaking.

Phase 1 was launched this month (January 2022), a showcase website communicating the concept, people and ideas behind the project. The site was designed and developed by Out of Place, working with a fantastic brand by Portuguese designer Silvia Matias and utilising Webflow to add movement, animation and intuitive navigation. 

Over the past six months, we have also been working with the Fellowship of Questions collective to explore how the final concept will work as a website, booth from a design and technical point of view. The second phase of the project is due to be delivered in late 2022.

View the Project here

View the website here

Fellowship of Questions Animation
Fellowship of Questions Animation

Latest News

April 25, 2023
Out of Place have been appointed to work with the Natural History Museum alongside the Department for Education and Royal Horticultural Society to develop a brand identity for an ambitious and groundbreaking nature project.
January 25, 2023
Our design director Matt Lamont's extensive archive has become renowned across the globe and as part of his knowledge and ongoing archiving at he was asked to speak to the Visual Communication students at Arts University Bournemouth
January 5, 2023
Out of Place are delighted to have been awarded the contract to deliver a city-wide what's on website for our home city of Bradford.

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