Creating a brand identity for a new music festival based in Bradford, as part of a campaign called Summer Unlocked. Commissioned by Bradford Producing Hub.


Bradford Producing Hub aims to make sure Bradford is a creative city where lots of amazing live performance are happening all the time. Summer Unlocked is a programme of free events and activities across Bradford District during Summer 2021. Animating the spaces where people have found solace during lockdown – public parks, streets and neighbourhoods, moors, gardens and and public spaces.


The development of a flexible set of brand guidelines were key. Firstly, the branding and assets needed to work across a wide range of media – including printed posters and social and digital media – and have scope for future developments of the brand. Secondly, we needed to create a document that would help a wide range of different team members, with different skillsets work with the brand and help it grow.

There was a fast turnaround on the project due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, so once we knew the event could take place we had to move swiftly to finalise elements and create assets.  To do this efficiently we had the client share a lot of inspiration with us, which then helped us develop moodboards and start thinking about the theory behind the approach we would take with the branding. Once we were ready to go, we were able too quickly and efficiently create a range of designs in an agile manner.

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