Fellowship of Questions

A website to connect people and ideas from across Europe


The Fellowship of Questions is a European Cultural Foundation funded project spearheaded by a grouping of five community organisations spread across Europe (Italy, Serbia, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, England, Portugal). The project aims to connect people through questions and uncertainties, by providing an online platform that allows people’s questions to be responded to with more questions.


This project is split over two phases, phase one being the creation of a showcase website that communicates the concept and ideas behind the project. The second phase, to be completed in 2022 will involve the development of the working online platform. For phase one we were required to design and build a modern, quirky and responsive website that provides an overview of the project. We also worked with the fellowship of Questions collective to develop ideas as to how the final solution could work from a design and technical development point of view.


The Fellowship of Questions is a unique project based on a new, and fairly abstract idea. So we began by working with the collective to understand the motivations and desired outcomes of the project, facilitating several meeting and workshop sessions to establish a shared vision. The brand, developed by Portuguese designer Silvia Matias, was already in place and contained a series of bubble shapes we felt could be used to add movement to the site, creating a sense of intrigue and intuitiveness that would reflect the Fellowship of Questions concept. We developed wireframes and full designs for the website and built the site using Webflow, which gave us more creative options for adding movement and animation throughout.

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