WTA Dance Academy

A dynamic website to reflect a new modern image for Ilkley based dance academy


Wright Theatre Arts is an Ilkley-based dance school providing a high standard of training in many dance genres including Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Jazz, Character and Choreography.


Wright Theatre Arts Dance Academy needed assistance with taking their family run business to the next level. They had outgrown their starter website and wanted to portray themselves in a more professional manner without moving away from the passion, approachability and welcoming culture that was at the heart of their business.


Using a fresh set of brand guidelines, tried and tested user experience exercises and devised user profiles, the OOP team collaborated with WTA to create a website that was mobile responsive and fully accessible. Conversations with the WTA team shed light on the importance of automating and digitising sign up processes for a growing family-run business. Digital forms for booking places at the Academy as well as booking places at annual Summer events became a key objective for the website, as did showcasing the various classes WTA offer. The website is easy to maintain, and allows the WTA team to spend minimal time and effort populating the site with relevant content. With a web layout that auto styles, and clear, concise signposting that requires little to no updating at all, the WTA are able to focus more of their energy on growing the business and continuing to offer the friendly, inclusive customer service they have become renowned for.

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