Out of Place team up with the Natural History Museum to develop brand identity for National Education Nature Park project

Out of Place have been appointed to work with the Natural History Museum alongside the Department for Education and Royal Horticultural Society to develop a brand identity for an ambitious and groundbreaking nature project.

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The National Education Nature Park will be a network of outdoor spaces in schools, nurseries and colleges across England, managed by young people and empowering them to make a real difference to both their and nature’s future. This pioneering initiative gives young people the opportunity to lead the way in mapping, monitoring and enhancing their learning sites for nature – boosting biodiversity, equipping them with green and digital skills, and enhancing their wellbeing through an increased connection to nature.

The project is being led by the Natural History Museum and funded by the Department for Education. In partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, the Royal Society, Royal Geographical Society, Learning through Landscapes, Manchester Metropolitan University and additional supporting partners.

In addition, we will also be developing a brand framework for a new awards scheme for schools that will recognise and celebrate places of education that support their students in gaining green skills, championing nature and working towards a sustainable future.

We are now working on developing a flexible, fully realised design identity for the project that can run across formats including digital, social video, social, web and print.

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