Peace Out Digital Exhibition

Creating a dynamic online exhibition for the Peace Museum during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Peace Museum is the only museum of its kind in the UK with a unique collection that tells the stories of peacemakers locally, nationally and internationally.


To celebrate Pride month and raise awareness of the historical connections between Pride Protest and anti-war peace movements, The Peace Museum wanted to commission a dynamic online exhibition.

The website needed to incorporate a range of content types, links, and other features — as well as making use of animation.

Additionally, the client and the studio wanted to approach the design in a way that avoided cliché, feeling authentically supportive of LGBTQA+ movements at a time when many brands and organisations embrace Pride superficially for PR purposes.


We chose to develop the exhibition on Webflow, to utilise its robust CMS and animation features while providing a user-friendly platform for the client to be able to work with and manage once the site had gone live.

We created a variety of page designs that would allow us to include content in a large number of different layouts so that we could quickly and efficiently update the site with new content.

During the build, consideration was taken to ensure that accessibility guidelines were met, without sacrificing the motion and flair that brings the website to life.

View the site here

Peace Out - Digital Exhibition for the Peace Museum
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