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Salt Weave Studio

A modern brand identity to represent Yorkshire heritage and craftsmanship


Salt Weave Studio is a creative woven design studio founded by Rebecca Ough, located within the world-renowned textile heartland of Bradford. Salt Weave Studio’s fabrics are designed on a handloom before being expertly manufactured at local mills. It takes pride in utilising the skills and craftsmanship of Yorkshire to produce beautiful products that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Out of Place Studio was commissioned to create a new logo and brand that would be more recognisable and help Salt Weave Studio reach new audiences both nationally and internationally. The project needed to marry elements of traditional textile manufacturing and design with modern aesthetics to emphasise the unique approach of Salt Weave Studio. Using a wealth of research from archival documents a fresh new brand was produced with several usage-dependent logos, label designs, brand guidelines, and a suite of assets.


The project started with a collaborative look at Rebecca’s archive of traditional textile labels, weaving documents, sheep diagrams, and more. Through a process of exploration we looked at a wide range of illustration styles and ways to combine traditional logo design with modern approaches – ensuring a strong digital-friendly solution.

Two concepts were produced that built on traditional foundations, with the chosen route being developed further based on print, digital, and woven technical requirements.

Due to the nature of the products and the requirement for different label sizes, several logo variations were produced so that there would always be an option that suited the needs of a specific product. In addition, stroke widths were optimised so that the logo and word mark could be woven at small sizes.

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